WHISPERS OF WAR launches on the big screen


There will be an extensive tour for the theatrical release of Florian Hoffmann's WHISPERS OF WAR (55th Hof International Film Festival/IHF) on Thursday, 15 December 2022:

Werkstattkino Munich

Sunday, 11 December 2022 at 8:00 pm
Audience talk with director Florian Hoffmann and artistic director Thorsten Schaumann

Casablanca Nuremberg

Sunday, 18 December 2022 at 4:30 pm
Audience talk with leading actor Hadi Khanjanpour

When Khalil, an elementary school teacher in Berlin, receives war footage from his Kurdish homeland and thinks he recognizes his sister in the pixilated videos, his life is thrown off course. He tries at all costs to bring his sister to safety and to inform the public about the brutal war. When his existence in Berlin is on the brink, Khalil is forced to ask himself where he belongs.

Offizieller Teaser | "STILLE POST" – Ab 15.12.2022 im Kino
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"Hoffmann skillfully interweaves real cell phone videos, which he himself received from the conflict region, and snippets from German news broadcasts with finely composed images. With his unagitated film, he raises awareness of conflicts that are all too quickly forgotten because they are no longer dramatic, spectacular enough."

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HoF 2021: Florian Hoffmann presents WHISPERS OF WAR.

55th Hof International Film Festival: Director Florian Hoffmann presents the feature film WHISPERS OF WAR.

WHISPERS OF WAR had its world premiere at the 55th Hof International Film Festival and subsequently screened at many other festivals, where it won several awards, including the Fischer Audience Award at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021.

Distributor: Barnsteiner-Film / Across Nations