IF NOT NOW, THAN WHEN…? at the Dresden Short Film Night

    Sven nicht jetzt, wann dann…? - Still 1
    HoF 2021: Jens Rosemann presents IF NOT NOW, THAN WHEN…?

    When I think of cinema, I think of short film. In this sense, the Film Nights on the banks of the Elbe are recommended. The Filmfest Dresden presents there on Thursday, 7 July 2022 at 9.30 pm an extraordinary short film block.

    Included is Jens Rosemann's animation IF NOT NOW, THAN WHEN…?, which had its world premiere at the 55th Hof International Film Festival and was celebrated by the audience: Sven wants to go high up, onto the diving tower and jump from there into the cool water. But there are still some pros and cons of this jump to weigh up beforehand. Very close to life and a real laugh from the first to the last minute.