Valentin Hennig in the podcast "KUNST IM OHR"

    Valentin Hennig in the podcast "KUNST IM OHR"

    Film and media artist Valentin Hennig celebrated the world premiere of his film THE STRAW THAT BROKE with an enthusiastic audience during the 55th Hof International Film Festival. "The fascinating cinematic mix of sci-fi and experimental film is like a trip through a dystopian world of the future", says the German Film and Media Rating: FBW Rating valuable

    THE STRAW THAT BROKE: Director Valentin Hennig and main actress Claudia Gallatz

    55th Hof International Film Festival 2021: Main actress Claudia Gallatz and director Valentin Hennig of THE STRAW THAT BROKE

    In the podcast KUNST IM OHR, he talks to host Carolina Hanke (Young Friends of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart) what inspires him and keeps him going. Valentin tells us how he found his way to art, about his enthusiasm for comics and science fiction films and the magic of cinematic scenes…