Chris Kraus opens the 57th International Hof Film Festival 2023 with his film 15 YEARS

    15 JAHRE

    What a reunion! In 2006, the International Hof Film Festival presented the brilliant film FOUR MINUTES by Chris Kraus. It tells the story of the rebellious Jenny von Loeben, who, in prison, brings her piano playing to virtuosity with the help of the elderly pianist Traude Krüger, played by Monica Bleibtreu. The film became an international success in cinema as well as at festival.

    The 57th International Hof Film Festival now presents the sequel, 15 YEARS, as the opening film. Together with leading actress Hannah Herzsprung, Chris Kraus tells the story of the brilliant and subtle Jenny after her release from prison.

    "Chris Kraus is back. With 15 YEARS, the filmmaker returns for the fifth time to the place of his origin in Hof. Gripping to the last second, with the best cast you can dream of. But beware, trigger warning: the film is cinema-addictive."

    Thorsten Schaumann
    Artistic Director

    In addition to writer, director and producer Chris Kraus, we welcome the leading cast Hannah Herzsprung, Hassan Akkouch, Albrecht Schuch and Stefanie Reinsperger as well as producer Danny Krausz to the world premiere in Hof.

    Content: In her youth, the pianist Jenny was a musical prodigy. After 15 years in prison for a murder she did not commit, all that remains of her talent is anger and memory. Upon her release, she learns that her childhood sweetheart, once responsible for her ordeal, has become an internationally acclaimed star. The need for revenge threatens not only her relationship with a Syrian musician, but also her faith in God. In a cynical TV talent show, she provokes a reunion with her former lover, and an intimate duel to the death ensues.

    We are looking forward to the opening of the 57th Hof International Film Festival, which will take place from 24 to 29 October plus7streamdays to 5 November 2023.