Farewell Roger Corman

    Julie und Roger Corman bei den 15. Internationalen Hofer Filmtagen

    One of the greatest film makers just recently died on 9 May 2024: Indie producer and director Roger Corman (born 5 April 1926) was one of the forerunners of New Hollywood. The so-called master of trash and horror films was active well into old age. Since the 1950s, he has directed and produced over 400 films for the screen and television. Many cinema legends were apprenticed to Corman, including Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, Peter Bogdanovich and actors such as Bruce Dern and Peter Fonda.

    In 1981, Roger Corman presented a selection of his films at the 15th Hof International Film Festival, including THE INTRUDER and ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS.

    Dear Roger, your films and ideas remain our inspiration. RIP.