Cult hit DIE BLUME DER HAUSFRAU back in theaters


    Five vacuum cleaner salesmen are the messengers of purity happiness in the cult hit DIE BLUME DER HAUSFRAU (THE HOUSWIFE’S FLOWER) by Dominik Wessely (32nd Hof International Film Festival 1998). The film celebrates its official 25th anniversary on Thursday, 9 May 2024 in cinemas as a re-release in the restored version.

    The life of a salesman is hard. But with humor, wit, and creative tenacity, you can make it to the top. The company Vorwerk relies on its good reputation. But how do the vacuum cleaners get to women and men, and what training is required?

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    Distribution: Salzgeber

    With irresistible charm and Swabian situation comedy, Dominik Wessely's first feature-length documentary provides an insight into German living rooms and the tough business of cleanliness. Finally back in theaters!