Electra ‘21

The live experience consists of the overall experience of the music, four simultaneously running - partly hybrid - documentaries and an installation. The audience decides for itself: The visitors can move, sit or stand in this liquid staging installation and direct their attention to whatever captivates them at the moment. In doing so, everyone perceives more than one thing at the same time. This show installation moves away from the one-dimensional seeing of the 19th century and offers the audience the polydimensional seeing, which corresponds much more to the complexity of our epoch. A new kind of live experience.

Electra - a timeless thriller. The father sacrifices the eldest daughter for power and fame. His wife slays him for it years later. Their children Electra and Orest kill her to avenge the father. A circle of hatred and destruction. No happy ending.

Music Mikis Theodorakis / Lyrics Sophocles / Concept Asteris & Ina Kutulas / Choreography Renato Zanella / Electra Sofia Pintzou / DOP James Chressanthis ASC, GSC / Editing Yannis Sakaridis / Stella Kalafati, Dimitris Argyriou, Asteris Kutulas and others.

Art Director Achilleas Gatsopoulos / Scenography Georgios Kolios / Costumes Olgica Gjorgieva / Technical Direction Gerd Helinski/PRG / Music Production, Mix & Mastering Alexandros Karozas / Direction Asteris Kutulas / Thanks for collaboration Jörg Krause, Christian Jansen, Rafika Chawishe

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Electra ‘21

Asteris Kutulas

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany 2021
ohne Dialog ohne UT

Director & Crew

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Asteris Kutulas

Asteris Kutulas was born in 1960 in Oradea/Romania as the son of Greek emigrants. In 1968 he moved to the GDR. 1979-84 he studied German language and literature and history of philosophy at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig.

The author, director, polymedia artist, music and event producer lives in Berlin, is married to the author and artist Ina Kutulas and has an adult son.


Yannis Sakaridis
Costume Designer
Gjorgieva Olgica
Music Composer
Mikis Theodorakis
Alexandros Karozas


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