Rogue Trader

Inspired by true events. Tom Walker is a young and ambitious investment trader who is catapulted from the bank’s dreary back office to the hectic trading floor. Overnight he finds himself responsible for the troubled bank’s most complex and important portfolio. Due to a series of unfortunate decisions, he becomes one of the greatest rogue traders worldwide.


The Narrator
Ankie Beilke
Tom Walker
Paulo Aragao
Marc Vanderbilt
Tom Bowen
Alexander Tarkov
Oleg Kricunova
Ben James
Patrick Dewayne
Neal Robertson
Thure Riefenstein

Rogue Trader

David Preute

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany 2021
en. OF mit de. UT
DCP, Color, 80min
2.39:1, Discrete 5.1

Director & Crew

David Preute 1

David Preute

Born in 1996 in Reutlingen. Studied at the University of Television and Film Munich. Diploma in directing at the School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Director of commercials, music videos, documentaries, and fictional shorts.


2016 BACKSWING, Kurzdokumentarfilm

2018 DECLASSIFIED, Kurzdokumentarfilm

2019 MEMORIA, Kurzfilm

2021 ROGUE TRADER, Spielfilm HOF 2021

“Stories of bankers like Nick Leeson, Kweku Adoboli, or Jerome Kerviel interest me not just from a filmic perspective. After graduating from high school, I was at a crossroads in my life. I had to choose between two passions of mine, but would be able only to choose one: I would either go into investment banking or follow my artistic passion for film.

I chose the latter. Then, when I read about their stories roughly two years ago, I soon realized: As young men, they had become part of a system the dynamics of which had soon gone beyond their control. If it wasn’t their story, it could easily be mine.”

David Preute
Director of Photography
Ahmed El Nagar
Philipp Straetker
Production Designer
Helene Brenner
Set Designer
Lisa Geller
Costume Designer
Amelie Wilfer
Casting Director
David Preute
Dominik Lange
Sound Designer
Andreas Goldbrunner
Music Composer
Giovanni Berg
Dieter Schleip
Lea Reitberger
TV Commissioning Editor
Claudia Gladziejewski
Carlos Gerstenhauer
Executive Producer
Jan Linnartz
Fabian Carl