|8|16|35| - HoF Classics on Film

8, 18, 16 and 35 are the magic numbers that have essentially shaped the development of film and cinema: They are the different widths of film material. Even if digital film techniques have now replaced analog film formats, old film materials are by no means trivial relics. The analog film takes us back to the beginnings of film history, recalling and documenting how cinema thrilled its audience for decades.

On the occasion of the 55th Hof International Film Festival, we will look back on film and festival history with five formative works. In the unique series |8|16|35 we are showing HoF Classics analog on film. This really is only possible in the cinema!

The following films will be screened:

DAS DEUTSCHE KETTENSÄGENMASSAKER (HoF 1990), Christoph Schlingensief,
E NACHTLANG FÜÜRLAND (HoF 1981), Remo Legnazzi & Clemens Klopfenstein,
MÄNNER (HoF 1985), Doris Dörrie,
STRANGER THAN PARADISE (HoF 1984), Jim Jarmusch.

he character of Freddy Krueger was first brought to life at the world premiere of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET in 1984 at the cinema in Hof. "Horror in Hof" was the headline and for the universe of Freddy Krueger a worldwide triumphal procession with eight further films.

After Christoph Schlingensief’s screening of his film "Tunguska - Die Kisten sind da" was interrupted by a burning film reel in 1984, his film DAS DEUTSCHE KETTENSÄGENMASSAKER provided another unusual world premiere and cemented his reputation as an international artist.

In 1982, a young filmmaker caused quite a stir at the festival with his 30-minute film STRANGER THAN PARADISE. He immediately found a producer in Hof for the feature-length version of the short film. Hof thus became the cradle of Jim Jarmusch’s career. Exactly two years later, he and his feature film STRANGER THAN PARADISE went directly from the Cannes Film Festival to the German premiere in Hof and then around the world.

The Swiss film E NACHTLANG FÜÜRLAND by directors Clemens Klopfenstein and Remo Legnazzi not only convinced audiences. It also inspired the producers Karl Baumgartner and Reinhard Brundig, who founded the legendary Pandora Film Verleih in Hof with this film and are celebrating their 40th Birthday.

Doris Dörrie worked as a guest host at the Hof International Film Festival. Then, in 1985 she celebrated her world premiere as a director with MÄNNER. The film enthusiasts stood on their cinema seats and cheered the comedy. And in one fell swoop, Doris Dörrie became Germany’s most successful director. Moreover, the film’s success also paved the way for the two actors Heiner Lauterbach and Uwe Ochsenknecht’s big breakthrough.

Accreditation for press is possible via https://vp.eventival.com/hof/55hoferfilmtage.

With many greetings
Ana Radica & the "Hofer-Filmtage"-Team

Published on: 2021 October 21