The Jury Short Film Award 2021 goes to SORT OF GROWN UP by Marlena Molitor

We are delighted to be able to award the first Jury Short Film Award donated by the City of Hof at the 55th Hof International Film Festival 2021. Philipp Budweg (producer), Sylke Gottlebe (co-director Filmfest Dresden) and Olaf Held (director, author, dramaturge) form the jury, which has now decided on a winning film after viewing all 41 short films submitted from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The prize is endowed with 2,500 euros.

The Jury Short Film Award 2021 goes to
SORT OF GROWN UP by Marlena Molitor.

Marlena Molitor was born near Stuttgart in 1994. After graduating from high school, she completed a six-month internship at a film production company in Cape Town and then decided to study "Documentary Film and Television Journalism" at the HFF Munich. Molitor's first documentary FEBRUÁR screened at numerous festivals and won the audience award "UndBitte". Her second film PROHLIS has also won awards. She works as a freelance documentary director and producer. At this year's 55th Hof International Film Festival, Marlene Molitor is presenting her documentary short SORT OF GROWN UP.

The jury's statement:
The film portrays Aimee, Anissa and Lea in the phase of transition from puberty to adulthood. A successful selection of episodes and unobtrusive camera work overcome the distance between the screen and our cinema seats, so offering us an immediate experience of the protagonists' everyday life. In this way, the director succeeds in opening up a cinematic space for three young women in which they can speak openly and surprisingly directly about sexuality, Instagram and the future.

The jury of the Short Film Award of the City of Hof congratulates Marlena Molitor on her outstanding short film.

Best regards
Ana Radica and the festival team

Published on: 2021 October 29