Genre films have always been milestones of the Hof International Film Festival. Directors such as Roger Corman, David Cronenberg, Brian de Palma, Monte Hellman, Peter Jackson or George A. Romero - just to name a few - have been guests in Hof since the 70s, 80s and 90s. Films by genre masters such as Dario Argento, David Lynch, but also early films by Kaspar Heidelbach, Werner Masten or Peter Thorwarth have repeatedly enriched the film program of the Hof International Film Festival.

    We are therefore all the more pleased that the Munich-based sister companies PHAROS - The Post Group and The Playmaker Munich are dedicating a special focus to up-and-coming and genre filmmakers and supporting them with a new award, the PHAROS SHIVER SCREEN AWARD.

    „As a leading post-production company in Germany, we at PHAROS - The Post Group are delighted to see that the next generation of national as well as international filmmakers are exploring diverse genres, increasingly including horror, fantasy, thriller, action and science fiction. With the PHAROS SHIVER SCREEN AWARD we want to set the stage for genre films. For the newly launched award, in cooperation with our world distribution unit, The Playmaker Munich, the Hof International Film Festivals offers an optimal platform, as HoF has been dedicated to genre filmmakers from all over the world for many years."

    Josef Reidinger, Managing Director Pharos - The Post Group

    The PHAROS SHIVER SCREEN AWARD will be presented to a film from the genres of thriller, horror, action, science fiction, etc. and is endowed with 2,500 euros. The award is international in scope and can be for a short or first or second feature-length film. The prize is supplemented by mentoring and an option for world distribution through The Playmaker Munich, a first look deal for world distribution of the director’s next feature film project, as well as co-production by Media Services unit and networking with potential distributors.

    The new prize, which will be awarded from this year on and is selected by a jury consisting of three filmmakers from different fields.With the PHAROS SHIVER SCREEN AWARD as well as the other festival prizes, including the well-known "German Cinema New Talent Award", the "Hof Gold Prize of the Friedrich Baur Foundation", the "Granit - Hof Documentary Award", the "Hans Vogt Award", the "Bild Kunst Award", the "Award of the City of Hof", the "Short Film Award", and the "Audience Short Film Award of the City of Hof", a total of approximately 67,500 euros in prize money will be awarded at the festival.

    The Companies

    PHAROS – The Post Group

    PHAROS – The Post Group is a brand of Media Services GmbH. Germany's largest post-production company with over 140 employees, PHAROS, formerly known as ARRI Media, has been offering all creative and technical services related to film production for more than 40 years - from the first consultation, pre-visualization in the script phase and on-set support to the entire post-production, including visual effects, sound, grading and mastering. PHAROS also offers complete distribution to cinemas in the DACH region, with film restoration and asset management rounding off its wide range of services.

    The PHAROS services also encompass those of the subsidiary THE PLAYMAKER MUNICH, formerly known as ARRI Media International, which specializes in global distribution and co-production, and the in-house platform for dailies and post-production The common goal together with the affiliate THE RENTAL GROUP, which encompasses Ludwig Kameraverleih and MBF Filmtechnik, is to support customers from a single source with an integrated service and technology package and to develop individually tailored, holistic solutions to fit their specific needs.

    The Playmaker Munich

    In their global sales activities The Playmaker Munich focuses on international distribution of genre movies (e.g. “Cortex” by Moritz Bleibtreu, “Rubikon” by Leni Lauritsch, “Holy Shit!” by Lukas Rinker and “A Pure Place” by Nikias Chryssos), award-winning festival films (e.g. two-times LOLA winner “Curveball – a true Story unfortunately.” by Johannes Naber, “Bloodsuckers” by Julian Radlmaier, “Die Andere Heimat” by Edgar Reitz) as well as family films (e.g. “Help I Shrunk My Teacher” by Sven Unterwaldt, “Little Miss Dolitte” by Joachim Masannek, “The Ogglies” by Jens Møller & Toby Genkel).

    The 56th Hof International Film Festival will take place from 25-30 October 2022. Films can still be submitted until 29 August 2022.

    Published on: August 4, 2022