Thematic Spectrum SOCIETY: Searching

    The 56th Hof International Film Festival is all about the thematic spectrum "society". For many filmmakers, the events of the last few years have been formative; social themes such as the search for stability and identity, for a family position, and questions about where to go and why are becoming the focus of the individual more and more. The films adopt interesting perspectives, surprise us with unexpected turns and uncover ways to freedom and a little happiness.

    We would like to offer you an initial idea of our programme:

    Searching for stability

    Direction: Victor Kunze (Germany 2022)
    On an involuntary road trip through Germany, the condition of 22-year-old Gwenda, who suffers from psychosis, deteriorates Increasingly, until she becomes convinced that the world, including her two friends, is conspiring against her. The friendship between the three is sorely tested.
    With Helena Houssay, Jacob Ernst, Stefanie Herzgsell, Ilona Schulz, Ulrich Faßnacht, Julius Robin Weigel

    Direction: Sebastian Peterson (Germany 2022)
    During the premiere of an Israeli film, a car bomb explodes in a Berlin cinema. The video blog of 18-year-old Jana is the only clue in the investigation. However, Jana herself died in the attack.
    With Irina Usova, Jenny Löffler, Tim Riedel, Wilfried Wieland Pucher, Fabian Stumm, Esther Maaß, Felix Isenbügel

    Direction: Sam Mendes (United Kingdom, USA 2022)
    Hilary runs a failing seaside cinema. She and her colleagues spruce up the cinema for the local premiere of "Chariots of Fire". But the town is falling into disrepair, the number of right-wing extremists is rising, and her secret love Stephen is regularly harassed by skinheads.
    With Colin Firth, Olivia Colman, Michael Ward, Toby Jones, Tanya Moodie, Crystal Clarke

    Direction: Joachim Neef (Germany 2022)
    He has been released on parole. Insecure and aimless, the withdrawn loner Paul tries to regain a footing in the outside world. Temporarily, he works as a night watchman. But the demons of the past won't let him go.
    With Justus Johanssen, Manot Boehm, Roman Schomburg

    Direction: Daniel Popat (Germany 2022)
    Two people who don't have much to say to each other. When a stranger shows up, this breaks their silence. Suddenly, everything is at stake.
    With Annette Frier, Peter Trabner

    Direction: José Antonio Valera (USA 2022)
    Nacho is a man in his mid-30s. Afraid of losing control of his life, he flees to the city. There, he meets an older woman and falls in love with her. When his mother is dying, he must go back and confront everything he has left behind.
    With Eduardo De Rodas, Aten Soria, Cristina Álcazar, Javier Mula, Jaime Macanás, Natalia Isa, Víctor Barba

    Searching for Identity

    Direction: Marielle Sjømo Samstad (Germany 2022)
    Clara is 17 years old and has been living underground with her mother, a former RAF terrorist, for several years. When her mother is blackmailed by a corrupt BKA official, Clara is forced to take control and escape the seemingly hopeless situation.
    With Alida Stricker, Linda Sixt, Jillian Anthony, Silvio Hildebrandt, Bayan Layla

    Direction: Lauriane Escaffre, Yvonnick Muller (France 2021)
    Maria is a cleaner who finds her inspiration in her job and writes poetry on the side. She starts working at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, against her husband's wishes, and quickly makes friends with the students and Hubert, the caretaker. There is chemistry between Hubert and Maria: Is it perhaps his Elvis hip-swinging that he practices secretly in the office? Maria enjoys her new life with Hubert always at her side.
    With Karin Viard, Grégory Gadebois, Philippe Uchan, Noée Abita

    Direction: Franziska Pflaum (Austria 2022)
    Annika, a supermarket salesperson, dreams of a perfect mermaid fin to bring glamour into her life. Her life is turned upside down when her father moves in with her, her best friend's children are parked with her, and the one-night stand won't go away either. Her store manager, who is a trained shaman, is also looking for people to fire. Annika needs the fin to realise her dream, but it is very expensive.
    With Stefanie Reinsperger, Julia Franz Richter, Karl Fischer, Nico Ehrenteit, Johanna Kottulinsky, Inga Busch

    Direction: Sylke Enders (Germany 2022)
    A young girl, Dian,a finds an unconscious woman, Pia, in the forest and takes care of her until she wakes up. Pia is grateful for her help and together they drift and meet people who let themselves be touched in turn. And everything has an effect, taking on the shade and scent of magic.
    With Johanna Schneider, Anna-Maria Bednarzik, Lina Schneider, Astrid Leberti, Alexander Kislinskyi

    Searching for secrets

    Direction: Vittorio Rifranti (Switzerland, Italy 2022)
    Emanuele is a director working on a Dostoevsky play and Irene is the female lead. Emanuele's secret is a hidden room in which he pays homage to the few women he has ever truly loved in his life. Who are these women? Irene unconsciously approaches the empty wall where perhaps one day her picture will hang.
    With Camilla Tedeschi, Giorgia Faraoni, Fabrizio Rocchi, Daniele Marcheggiani

    Direction: Matías Rojas Valencia (Chile, Germany, France, Argentine, Colombia 2021)
    Having received a scholarship, twelve-year-old Pablo moves to the mysterious and remote Colonia Dignidad, where he quickly becomes the favourite of its leader Uncle Paul. Pablo witnesses abuse, disappearances and devil-like creatures used to frighten the children. An uprising is brewing in the godless world, perhaps the only way for Pablo to escape.
    With Hanns Zischler, Salvador Insunza, Amalia Kassai, Noa Westermeyer

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    Published on: October 15, 2022