Seeing change as opportunity: SOCIETY in focus at the 56th Hof International Film Festival

    Every person has their own story. And together, all these different stories tell the story of our lives. Our society is growing in strength and diversity through the varied lifestyles, cultures and roots that shape it. Traditional roles attributed to men and women are breaking down, inclusion is happening more and more, cultural circles are mixing. It is important to engage with society, to question it and to reinvent it constantly, for it is only together that we can make the world a better place.

    However, this brings out reverse tendencies as well, those that want to stop change, to destroy it or influence it in their favour. It is also important to deal with these movements, as we all share responsibility for ourselves and for our planet. That is why there is only one conceivable theme for this year's edition of Hof International Film Festival: Society.

    Join us on an exciting film journey through its various facets and models. In the first block, these are:

    Family models

    Direction: Patricia Mazuy (France, Belgium 2021)
    A man inherits a bowling alley from his father and decides to give it to his half-brother. A series of murders then occurs. The two brothers are drawn into a dark abyss.
    With Arieh Worthalter, Achille Reggiani, Y Lan Lucas and Leila Muse

    Direction: Anna Kazejak (Poland, 2022)
    The holiday plans of two families of friends are thrown into confusion by differing expectations and problems. A chain of events on the island of Bornholm triggers discord among the children.
    With Agnieszka Grochowska, Maciej Stuhr, Grzegorz Damiecki, Jasmina Polak and Magnus Krepper

    Direction: Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye (Germany 2022)
    Lisa is a black punk rebel who lives with her gang in a squatted trailer park. When she learns of the impending eviction of the squat, she takes a job at a home shopping station, alongside her hated father. There is a secret she must keep.
    With Jane Chirwa, Errol Trotman-Harewood, Stephen Appleton, Nastassja Kinski, Pit Bukowski and Lilja van der Zwaag

    Direction: Rubén Sainz (Spain 2021)
    A man in Brazil struggles with an inner conflict, being challenged even more when his unknown son turns up. His life in the underground alters abruptly.
    With Diego Álvarez, Dorleta Urretabizkaia, Aram Rockenbach, Mario Souza, Valeria Berrotaran and Alex Tello

    Direction: Maha Haj (Germany, France, Cyprus, Palestine 2022)
    Waleed, 40, is unhappy living with his family. He wants to commit suicide and asks his new friend Jalal for help; Jalal agrees but is being threatened by people he owes money to. When Waleed offers Jalal a huge sum, they make a pact that will change their lives forever.
    With Amer Hlehel, Ashraf Farah, Anat Hadid, Samir Elias, Cynthia Saleem and Shaden Kanboura

    Direction: Michael Morris (USA 2022)
    Leslie, a single mother from West Texas, wins the lottery and gets a chance at a decent life. But after a few years, the money has gone. Left completely to her own devices, Leslie lives as a drunk, always running away from what she has done to others.
    With Andrea Riseborough, Allison Janney, Marc Maron, Andre Royo and Owen Teague

    Direction: Amina Gusner (Germany 2022)
    A mother and her daughter meet once more and talk about the daughter's childhood in a state-run day care centre in East Germany. The fact that these so-called "weekly homes" meant that children grew up without parents has never been problematized until now.
    With Franziska Kleinert and Ines Schiller


    153 METER (502 FEET)
    Direction: Anton von Heiseler (Germany 2022)
    She needs a break from caring for her mother: caretaker Lana uses a video camera to spy on a woman in another apartment block and imagines an intimate relationship with her, until one day she sees that the woman's happiness is at risk.
    With Michaela Caspar, Maria Luise Preuss, Emilia von Heiseler, Lucas Lentes

    Direction: Karsten Dahlem (Germany 2022)
    A stunt driver returns to her hometown after a serious car accident. There, she is confronted with memories of her difficult family life, a past that also cripples her father. When he offers her money to live independently, their relationship is put to the test.
    With Anna Maria Mühe, Michael Wittenborn, Anton Spieker, Therese Hämer, Casper von Bülow and Walid Al-Atiyat

    Direction: Ulrike Grote (Germany 2020)
    A couple deals with a tragedy in different ways. After several years they have reached the point where they need to decide for or against one another.
    With Joachim Raaf and Janna Striebeck

    Direction: Bernd Michael Lade (Germany 2021)
    Carl Schrade was a prisoner in various Nazi concentration camps and is now testifying against his former captors to bring them to justice. But how was he able to survive for more than ten years, and where did he get his detailed knowledge of the camp administration's procedures?
    With Bernd Michael Lade, Maria Simon, Esther Esche, Katrin Schwingel, Simone Hausdorf, Thomas Schuch, Jörg Seyer

    Direction: Iker Elorrieta (Spain 2021)
    Nikolas is autistic and wants to reach the high seas with his girlfriend, Ana. Difficulties with communication make it difficult for him to get there.
    With Falco Cabo and Usue Alvarez

    Direction: Jake Paltrow (Israel, USA 2022)
    In 1962, the world witnesses the execution of Adolf Eichmann after a public trial. Three people who were actually on the margins of history were involved in the historic event: a teenager from Libya, a Moroccan prison guard and a Polish Auschwitz survivor, now chief interrogator during the trial.
    With Noam Ovadia, Yoav Levi, Tom Hagi, Ami Smolarchik and Alon Margalit

    This is only the first glimpse, and more programme highlights will be announced shortly.

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    Published on: October 12, 2022