Start of the 57th Hof International Film Festival 2023

    The 57th International Hof Film Festival 2023 starts tomorrow. With more than 700 guests, the Upper Franconian city of Hof will once again be the focus of the film industry from October 24 to 29. It will open with the world premiere of 15 YEARS by Chris Kraus. Awarded the Hans Vogt Prize last year, Kraus returns to Hof this year to present his new film. 15 YEARS continues the story of Jenny von Loeben, from Kraus' film FOUR MINUTES, which premiered in Hof in 2006. For tomorrow's premiere we expect the actors Hannah Herzsprung, Hassan Akkouch, Albrecht Schuch, Samuel Koch and the producer Danny Krausz as well as many other team members and friends from the industry.

    With 154 films, this year's Film Festival is one of the strongest vintages. Among more than 2,000 submissions, 62 feature films, 28 documentaries and 64 short films were selected, coming from 26 countries, including films and co-productions from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, China, France, Great Britain, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Uzbekistan.

    The films deal thematically with family, the chaos of relationship networks, they tell of places of longing and distant worlds, of the political and much more that life has to offer. We are looking forward to exciting films, stimulating discussions in the HoF PLUS program, many encounters and exciting, immersive experiences with HoFXR, the new area of extended reality. In the Civil Society (BG), you can actively experience a journey with the German premiere of AUFWIND by Florian Siebert. With the new AR web app, you can go on an exploration tour through Hof and dive into the history of the Hofer Filmtage, HoF History, via QR codes on our posters.

    Published on: October 23, 2023