After her training at the police academy, Laura (24) begins her service with the Hamburg riot police. Everyday life in the hot spots of a divided, disinhibited society does not leave the young police officers unscathed. The stressful images of the day and the boredom between the missions are cured with alcohol together with their colleagues. As Laura’s group becomes increasingly radicalized in its approach to drug dealers and leftists, Laura finds that she genuinely enjoys the power of the uniform, the thrill and the adventure. Until she and her group make a momentous mistake in the field and Laura must decide what kind of police officer she really wants to be.


Lisa Vicari
Ludwig Trepte
Meryem Ebru Öz
André M. Hennicke
Daniel Michel
Nathalie Thiede
Am Ende der Worte - Poster 3


Nina Vukovic

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany 2021
de. OF ohne UT
DCP, Color, 90min
1.78:1 (16:9), Discrete 5.1
Original Title
Am Ende der Worte

Director & Crew

Nina Vukovic 1

Nina Vukovic

Born in 1978 in Bremen. Studied at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg and the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. Active as director and screenwriter.


2004 TANERS WELT, Kurzfilm

2005 SERENADE, Kurzfilm

2006 MIKIS BALLADE, Kurzfilm

2007 PURPLE SUNRISE, Kurzfilm


2014 EINE WIE ALASKA, Kurzfilm

2017 DETOUR, Fernsehfilm

2019 SOKO KÖLN, Fernsehserie

2020 AM ENDE DER WORTE, Spielfilm HOF 2021

“Laura’s dilemma is, for me, the starting point for a moral reflection on what happens when representatives of the state have to decide, every day anew, when and how the use of force is justified, sometimes within just a few seconds. Violence is our right and the containment of violence is our duty, says the Police. AM ENDE DER WORTE shows how narrow this line is with an impressive immediacy. 

The moments of making a decision, the idle time, the subcultural unity among comrades, the strictly defined inside and outside of this task force, and the immediate dangerous situation that suddenly turns from the most banal moments into mortal danger - all these are the fascinating moments that attracted me to the story.”

Lena Fakler
Director of Photography
Neels Feil
Angela Tippel
Music Composer
Christoph Köbke
Linus Günther


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