Erasing Frank

1983, behind the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe in Budapest. Frank is the charismatic singer of a banned punk band that carries the voice of their generation against a totalitarian regime. Taken by the police psychiatric hospital in an attempt to silence him, Frank will sacrifice everything to resist.


Benjamin Fuchs
Eltörölni Frankot - Poster 1

Erasing Frank

Gábor Fabricius

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Hungary 2021
hu. OF mit en. UT
16 mm print, Black & white, 103min
1.85:1, Discrete 5.1
Original Title
Eltörölni Frankot

Director & Crew

Gábor Fabricius 1

Gábor Fabricius

Born in 1995 in Budapest/Hungary. Graduated from the Central Saint Martins College London. Active as writer, script writer, and director.


2010 GROWN UPS, Kurzfilm

2012 BIANKA, Kurzfilm

2014 SKINNER, Kurzfilm

2016 DIALOGUE, Kurzfilm

2021 ERASING FRANK, Spielfilm HOF 2021

“I think that our consciousness is pretty fragile. How we see the world is based on the information we absorb every day through different channels, this is how we understand reality. At a young age, we hear stories and are confronted with values that form our identity. If some information is blocked or we are misinformed, this obviously has an impact on how we see the world. I have the impression that this is a gradually growing problem. It is easy to modify information, if it’s only a little bit, to make you think differently. Statistics say that people consume media 6.5 hours a day and this makes it pretty easy to brainwash someone. With the film, I wanted to show how different powers are able to modify our way of thinking when it comes to political, economical and ideological issues. I wanted to show how manipulation works.“

Gábor Fabricius
Director of Photography
Tamás Dobos
Bernadett Tuza-Ritter
Wanda Kiss
Costume Designer
Judit Sinkovics
Tamás Zányi
Music Composer
Balázs Zságer
Dávid Vígh
Gábor Fabricius
Tamás Barna