My London Lullaby

Helena Kutsche is a young German actress who has recently graduated in Performing Arts from a modest Community College in East London. Her dream is to become a professional actress and “make it” in the difficult London acting scene, the city where she has lived for the past few years. However, the notorious hostile environment European citizens find themselves in under Brexit Britain immediately becomes apparent when, due to potential working visa issues, she is dismissed from an audition for a neo-noir representation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Yerma”.

Helena’s luck takes a turn when she receives a casting call for a film by a renowned British filmmaker. The casting director is looking for a young actress with perfect German and English abilities. This is the role Helena was born to play.


Helena Kutsche
Shirley Both
Katharina Naumow
Hersha Verity
Liza Callinicos
Sot A
Dion Nangle
Pierre Anisimov
Charley Dean Sayers
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My London Lullaby

Hugo Santa Cruz

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
United Kingdom 2021
en., de. OF mit en., de. UT
DCP, Color, 68min
1.78:1 (16:9), Stereo

Director & Crew

Hugo Santa Cruz 1

Hugo Santa Cruz

Born in 1980 in Madrid/Spain. Studied Linguistics and was a touring musician for DJ Hell’s label in Munich. Active as a writer, director, producer, editor and music composer.


2021 MY LONDON LULLABY, Spielfilm  HOF 2021

“MY LONDON LULLABY tells the story of a migrant; the kind of narrative that needs to be continuously re-told in order to accommodate for new social contexts. Interestingly, the migrant protagonist in this story is a white woman from Dresden. The team involved in the making is a victory of European entente in the face of Brexit with a cast and crew as effortlessly diverse and LGBTQ+ friendly as London itself. After six months of prep, we shot a 12th draft of the script. Digitally. 15 days between August and November 2020 (when C-19 restrictions were lifted in the UK) following a strict diet of DIY Guerrilla Filmmaking: no budget, no permits, no crew.”

Hugo Santa Cruz
Director of Photography
Lucas Wilson
Franz Walsch Jr
Costume Designer
Yoko Sosinapuro
Sound Designer
Eduardo Cubillo
Carla Marques
Hugo Santa Cruz
Cecilia Limonta
Asdrubal Marichal