The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic

Jaakko is blind, disabled, and tied to a wheelchair. He loves Sirpa. Living far away, they have never met in person, but they meet every day over the phone.

When Sirpa is overwhelmed by the shocking news, Jaakko decides to go to her immediately despite his condition. For doing that, he has to rely on the help of five strangers in five places: from home to taxi, from taxi to station, from station to train, from train to taxi, and finally from taxi to... her.


Petri Poikolainen
Marjaana Maijala
Sokea mies, joka ei halunnut nähdä Titanicia - Poster 1

The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic

Teemu Nikki

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Finland 2021
fi. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Color, 82min
2.39:1, Discrete 5.1
Original Title
Sokea mies, joka ei halunnut nähdä Titanicia

Director & Crew

Maria Lanfranchi 1

Teemu Nikki

Born in 1975 in Sysmä/Finland. Active as producer, scriptwriter, editor, and director.


2007 A MATE, Spielfilm

2010 PLAY GOD, Dokumentarfilm

2011 A FISH STORY, Kurzfilm

2012 SIMO TIMES THREE, Spielfilm


2014 #LOVEMILLA3, TV-Serie TITS, Kurzfilm

2015 LOVEMILLA, Spielfilm


2017 EUTHANIZER, Spielfilm


2019 ALL INCLUSIVE, Kurzfilm

2020 NIMBY, Spielfilm 2021 THE BLIND MAN WHO DID NOT WANT TO SEE TITANIC, Spielfilm HOF 2021

“From the beginning of the project, it was crystal clear that the film will not be a documentary about an hors de combat actor. I wanted to work with Petri, an actor who happens to be blind and tied to a wheelchair. Our main character has the same disease as Petri, but the script is fictional.

As a storyteller, I am obsessed with finding new angles. With Petri's help, I found the viewpoint of the blind and disabled person. At least I have seen many movies where the main character is somehow wounded, but I have not seen a single shot from the blind person's perspective.

I want to give the audience a cinematic experience about how it feels to be blind. The whole film is shot with close-ups. The world surrounding our main character is blurry and soft; his face and hands act as the stage of this film. When watching this, you have to trust your ears – is it possible to rely on people if you cannot see their faces?

Teemu Nikki
Director of Photography
Sari Aaltonen (F.S.C.)
Jussi Sandhu
Sami Kiiski
Heikki Kossi
Jani Poso