Live Till I Die

In a home for the elderly on the outskirts of Stockholm, a special relationship develops between Monica, an activity coach who still grieves for her grandmother, and Ella, a 99-year-old resident who has no close family.


Monica (herself)
Monica Lyander
Ella (herself)
Eleonora Nordqvist
Leva tills jag dör - Poster 1

Live Till I Die

Gustav Ågerstrand, Åsa Ekman, Oscar Hedin Hetteberg, Anders Teigen

  • Documentary
Production Country / Year
Sweden, Switzerland 2022
sv. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Color, 73min
1.78:1 (16:9), Discrete 5.1
Original Title
Leva tills jag dör

Director & Crew

Gustav Ågerstrand 1

Gustav Ågerstrand

Born in 1985. Studied Documentary Film Directing at the University of Arts in Stockholm and Cinematography at Biskops Arnö. Active as a director and cinematographer.


2013 THE DANCING BODY, Kurzfilm

2014 LARS GUNNAR LARSSON,  Dokumentarfilm

2015 INSIDE A TREE, Dokumentarfilm


2022 LIVE TILL I DIE (Co-Regie), Dokumentarfilm  HOF 2022

Åsa Ekman 1

Åsa Ekman

Born in 1972 in Sollentuna/Sweden. Studied at Biskops Arnö, the Swedish Institute of Dramatic Arts and at the University of Kalmar. Active as a director, journalist, photographer and editor.


2011 MAMA’S COMEBACK, Doku-Fiction 

2014 MY LIFE MY LESSON, Doku-Fiction

2015 SAY SOMETHING, Doku-Fiction

2021 EARTH: MUTED (Co-Regie), Dokumentarfilm

2022 LIVE TILL I DIE (Co-Regie), Dokumentarfilm  HOF 2022

Oscar Hedin Hetteberg 1

Oscar Hedin Hetteberg

Geboren 1972 in Kungsängen, Schweden. Tätig als Regisseur.


2007 ACHING HEART, Kurzdokumentarfilm

2009 SHAME & HONOR, Kurzdokumentarfilm

2018 The Good Country, TV-Dokumentarserie

2021 EARTH: MUTED (Co-Regie), Dokumentarfilm

2022 LIVE TILL I DIE (Co-Regie), DokumentarfilmHof 2022

Anders Teigen 1

Anders Teigen

Born in 1973 in Trondheim/Norway. Studied Film Editing at the Norwegian Film Academy in Lillehammer. Active as a director and editor.


2022 LIVE TILL I DIE (Co-Regie), Dokumentarfilm  HOF 2022

“We have had parents and grandparents in retirement homes. The lack of happiness amongst the elderly and the personnel has been frightening. With this film, we wanted to explore this reality with a focus on empathy, so we looked for a place where the elderly live a modern, vibrant and fun life despite the daunting perspective of leaving this world. The key to that is carers who have a humane approach to their job. Monica and the elderly at Sköndal are the perfect characters to lead us through this journey. Dealing with the hardships of aging, they celebrate life. We wanted to make a visually strong, deep, and emotional film that speaks to an international audience. With humor and strong characters, this story can cross the borders of the Swedish language and culture and reach far down into the universal human need to live a meaningful life, for our whole lives.”

Director of Photography
Gustav Ågerstrand
Anders Teigen
Sound Designer
David Gülich
Music Composer
Janne Tavares
Executive Producer
John Reddington
Françoise Fazio
Oscar Hedin Hetteberg
Oscar Hedin
Marina-Evelina Cracana