The Menu

On a remote island, an enigmatic chef invites guests to an opulent meal. Among the guests is a young woman who has arrived together with her boyfriend and quickly realizes that there is more behind the facade of the extravagant restaurant than meets the eye...


Chef Slowik
Ralph Fiennes
Anya Taylor-Joy
Nicholas Hoult
Movie Star
John Leguizamo
Hong Chau
Judith Light
Lillian Bloom
Janet McTeer
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The Menu

Mark Mylod

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
United States 2022
en. OF mit de. UT
DCP, Color, 107min
2.39:1, Discrete 5.1

Director & Crew

Mark Mylod 2

Mark Mylod

Born in 1965 in Devon/England. Active as a producer and director.


2002 ALI G INDAHOUSE, Spielfilm

2004 SHAMELESS, TV-Serie

2005 THE BIG WHITE, Spielfilm

2011 WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER, Spielfilm

2014 THE AFFAIR, Fernsehfilm

2015-2017 GAME OF THRONES, TV-Serie

2018-2021 SUCCESSION, TV-Serie

2022 THE MENU, Spielfilm  HOF 2022

“[The Chef] Slowik is quite a complex character. I wanted to show his dedication to the elevation and innovation of his artform, to the point of putting his own life on the line – so mesmerizing and extraordinary. Ralph and I were both very determined not to present the character as a caricature. We wanted to find his humanity and his pain and understand his actions. Not to forgive or condone them, but to at least give them context and authenticity as best as we could. […] 

Dominique Crenn was key to our process. She is an incredible world class chef, and her food is extraordinary in terms of its artfulness, but it also has an emotional warmth. We specifically wanted Chef Slowik’s creations to have an emotional coldness. To be beautiful, but somewhat dead. That’s obviously an extension of where his soul is and where his psyche is and where we find him in the story. That enabled Dominique to play her role creating the Chef’s menu. That was part of the attraction for her, as well as poking fun at the excesses of her own artform. She was in on the joke.”

Mark Mylod

Seth Reiss
Will Tracy
Director of Photography
Peter Deming, ASC
Christopher Tellefsen, ACE
Production Designer
Ethan Tobman
Costume Designer
Amy Westcott
Casting Director
Mary Vernieu, CSA
Bret Howe, CSA
Music Composer
Colin Stetson
Adam McKay, PGA
Betsy Koch, PGA
Will Ferrell