An ancient secret society and a number of recent deaths. Is there a connection? Florian finds some index cards with names in the documents of his deceased mother. These point to deaths long ago. Shortly before her death Anita wanted to tell her son something, as well as the journalist Martin Hochstätter. Anita seemed to be able to prove that the secret society was still active. Florian and Hochstätter begin research together and try to establish a connection between the names on the index cards and the secret society. They are supported by Dennis, Florian’s best, albeit unstable, friend. In the course of the investigation, the suspicion that Florian’s father Stefan has something to do with the matter grows.

While the three of them search for the solution, a dramatic power struggle for the leadership of the organization begins within the secret society. In the end, only one person can remain at the top. Where does justice end - where does retribution begin? How close can one come to the truth or is it better not to wake sleeping dogs?



Libra - Still 1


Country, Year
Germany, 2020