HoF Festival Rendezvous – BERLIN EXCELSIOR

It happened again on Thursday, 19 April 2018: another HoF Festival Rendezvous, this time with BERLIN EXCELSIOR. In the Central cinema, the documentary film was screened in the presence of the director Erik Lemke and cameraman André Krummel. And there were lively discussions after the screening, both in the cinema and in the Galeriehaus.

„We had really fascinating discussions until late in the night – audiences in Hof are extremely interested. And the impact the festival has on their cinematic curiosity is very evident.“ Erik Lemke

Von links nach rechts - Thorsten Schaumann, Erik Lemke (Regie), André Krummel (Kameramann) - Foto: Andreas Rau

„I always enjoy coming to Hof and certainly look forward to returning in the future.“ André Krummel

Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Gisela Strunz and the Hermann and Bertl Müller Foundation as well as to Stefan Schmalfuß from the Central cinema.

Title photo: From left to right - Andreas Walter, Thorsten Schaumann, Erik Lemke (director), André Krummel (cameraman), Stefan Schmalfuß (Central cinema), Christine Walther, Dr. Gisela Strunz (Hermann and Bertl Müller Foundation) - Photo: Andreas Rau