HoF Festival Rendezvous – let’s do it again with Erik Lemke and BERLIN EXCELSIOR

    Unbelievable but true: the Filmtage Rendezvous continues. This time we're doing it again with special guests and their documentary film BERLIN EXCELSIOR in the presence of the director Erik Lemke and the co-author André Krummel.

    When: Thursday 19.04.2018
    Time: 7 p.m.
    Where: Central Kino 3, Hof

    "I am very much looking forward to a great evening with great guests. The director Erik Lemke and the co-author André Krummel will be coming again to Hof to present their documentary film BERLIN EXCELSIOR and discuss with the audience after the end of the screening. This will be a Rendezvous you don't want to miss." Thorsten Schaumann

    The whole evening wouldn't be possible without strong support: Dr. Gisela Strunz and the Hermann and Bertl Müller Stiftung, who made it possible to invite the filmmakers, and Stefan Schmalfuß from the Central - we thank them sincerely for their generous support. See you at the cinema!

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    Director: Erik Lemke
    Documentary | D | 2017
    87 min | Dolby 5.1

    The anonymous concrete construction “Excelsior” is just a stopover for many of its inhabitants. Soon, life will get better and everyone tries to get ahead in his own way: with “Invisible Make-up”, the 49-year-old Michael wants to re-connect with his previous success as a call boy. Claudia’s days as a dancer are over, but a series of new photos are supposed to help her get back on stage. Norman wants to help others find happiness with his start-up “ChangeU” and help himself to a new sportscar. Hardly anyone can escape the temptations of success.