Double Pack with Triple Play

HoF Festival Rendezvous – RETASTE
HoF Festival Rendezvous – THE LEFTOVERS

Double Pack with Triple Play: LEBEN SCHMECKEN with Lukas Röder and THE LEFTOVERS by Eike Weinreich and Alexej Hermann at the HoF Rendezvous – VON KOMISCHEN VÖGELN at #oF Next

Two screenings, three films and three directors – on 26 May 2019 at the Central-Kino Hof and on 27 May at the Schiller-Gymnasium Hof

We’re kicking off the HoF Rendezvous with Lukas Röder, whom many guests of the Hof International Film Festival will still remember as “Guest 1”. He’ll screen his short film LEBEN SCHMECKEN. In it we see how Aaron, who has been in the psychiatric ward for several months, is brought to life by nurses with quite unusual therapeutic approaches.

Then we’ll continue with THE LEFTOVERS: After the family patriarch passes away, his children meet in their hometown to organize their father’s funeral and split up the inheritance: an old dilapidated building which houses an abandoned pub. However, the initial situation then gets out of hand – an amusing cinema evening with the two directors Eike Weinreich and Alexej Hermann.

And at #oF Next the two filmmakers Eike Weinreich and Alexej Hermann will talk to the next generation of cinemagoers about VON KOMISCHEN VÖGELN. That’s Jockel, who is fulfilling his social service time at a workshop for the disabled. He's supposed to be leading a choir and he's totally overwhelmed. But what is one to do when the boss gives you an ultimatum: carry on or go to jail? All students and teachers are invited – of course also from other schools! Please note that this is a private screening. Parents must give their written permission to participate. Contact: » Nicolas Zehe

What? LEBEN SCHMECKEN by and with Lukas Röder and THE LEFTOVERS in the presence of Eike Weinreich and Alexej Hermann
When? Sunday, 26 May 2019 at 7 pm
Where? Central Kino Hof, Altstadt 8
How much? Euro 5 per Ticket

What? Private screening VON KOMISCHEN VÖGELN for students and teachers in the presence of Eike Weinreich and Alexej Hermann
When? Monday, 27 May 2019 at 1:30 pm
Where? Schiller-Gymnasium Hof, Schillerstraße 38, Room H011
How much? Free admission, students must present written parental permission. Contact: » Nicolas Zehe

Trailer - Die Übriggebliebenen (the leftovers)
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Many thanks to Stefan Schmalfuß and Jessica Popp and the entire team of the Central Kinos as well as Rainer Schmidt, Sebastian Schumann and Nicolas Zehe for their generous support.

We look forward to seeing you again!