Generation Smartphone learns to swim

Luzie Loose presents and discusses SWIMMING at the Schiller-Gymnasium in Hof

Generation Smartphone learns to swim

Take 1/2019 of the HoF Rendezvous: Luzie Loose, winner of the Hof Gold Prize - Best Direction 2018, presented her first full-length feature film SWIMMING in the well-attended Central Kino cinema. In her feature film, the young auteur filmmaker describes young people of the “smartphone generation” and how they develop bizarre friendships, how they play, search for adventures and cross boundaries. After the screenings, there were interesting conversations ...

Within the framework of the initiative #oF Next, Luzie Loose’s film SWIMMING was also presented the following day as a school screening at the Schiller-Gymnasium in Hof. Together with HoF artistic director Thorsten Schaumann, the young filmmaker was on hand to talk to the pupils at a discussion panel about SWIMMING.

„Some 40 pupils stayed after school to meet with Ms. Loose and see her film. The next generation wants to participate in the festival – and #oF Next offers them this attractive opportunity.“ Sebastian Schumann, Schiller-Gymnasium Hof
HoF Filmtage Rendezvous: Luzie Loose presents SWIMMING
Director Luzie Loose with festival director Thorsten Schaumann
Luzie Loose presents and discusses SWIMMING at the Schiller-Gymnasium in Hof
Director Luzie Loose with school director Rainer Schmidt, Sebastian Schumann and Thorsten Schaumann
#oF Next: SWIMMING by Luzie Loose screening at the Schiller-Gymnasium in Hof

Throughout the year, the Hof International Film Festival presents selected films from the previous year’s festival at the HoF Rendezvous. And for the next generation, #oF Next offers exclusive school screenings and discussions, thus giving young film fans the opportunity to talk to the filmmakers about their films.

Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Hof-Bayern and to the Schiller-Gymnasium for their commitment to the #oF Next initiative, as well as to Stefan Schmalfuß, Jessica Popp and the entire team of the Central Kino cinemas for their continuous support.

Photos: Andreas Rau, Sebastian Schumann