HoF Rendezvous:Let’s go SWIMMING with Luzie Loose

SWIMMING – Director: Luzie Loose

HoF Rendezvous: Let’s go SWIMMING with Luzie Loose

On the day of the Oscars, we invite you to come and meet our winner: Luzie Loose, winner of the Hof Gold Prize 2018, will present and discuss her feature debut SWIMMING.

Elisa and Anthea become best friends and develop a game in which they record everything they do with their mobile phone. Soon they come up with the idea of turning the camera around and secretly filming their classmates, the ones who have been bullying Elisa. Their close friendship develops into a destructive dynamic that becomes threatening for everyone who gets in their way.

What? SWIMMING in the presence of Luzie Loose
When? Sunday, 24 February 2019 at 5 pm
Where? Central Kino Hof, Altstadt 8
How much? Euro 5 per ticket

SWIMMING Trailer english sub (2018)
This video will be streamed using YouTube. Learn more

Thanks a million to Stefan Schmalfuß and Jessica Popp and the whole team at the Central Kinos for their continuous support.