#WIDERSTAND by Britta Schoening at the HoF Rendezvous and #oF Next

Director Britta Schoening presented #WIDERSTAND at #oF Next and at the HoF Rendezvous
Director Britta Schoening (left) with the team of the Hof University of Applied Sciences, Thorsten Schaumann and Filmtage friends

#WIDERSTAND by Britta Schoening at the HoF Rendezvous and #oF Next

Premiere: The HoF Rendezvous was held for the first time at the Hof University of Applied Sciences and presented the documentary #WIDERSTAND in the presence of director Britta Schoening. The filmmaker presented an inventory of a new generation of activists*: A young Identitarian in Vienna, a Muslim poetry slammer in Berlin and a left-wing activist in Athens, each fighting in their own way for a new Europe. Three women in search of identity and belonging, which they find in different extremes.

The ensuing lively discussion between the visitors and the director revealed the explosive nature of political engagement. Premiere number two makes you want to go to the movies: The HoF Rendezvous raffled off two tickets for the Central Kino Hof among the visitors for the first time. Thanks to Stefan Schmalfuß and his team!

At #oF Next in the Schiller-Gymnasium Hof Britta Schoening also presented #WIDERSTAND to a group of interested students from local Hof schools. Three young European women, three different views of resistance – and tomorrow’s cinema generation had a lively exchange with the director.

Heartfelt thanks to Dagmar Müller, the student representation of the Hof University of Applied Sciences as well as to the Rotary Club Hof-Bayern, Rainer Schmidt, Sebastian Schumann and Nicolas Zehe from the Schiller-Gymnasium Hof, who make these events possible with their support.