AN UNUSUAL SPY in German Cinemas


AN UNUSUAL SPY in German Cinemas

The hitherto little-known story of Marthe Cohn alias Chichinette: In the chaos of war, the French Jewess decides to risk her life as an Allied spy in Nazi Germany and to fight for the end of the war. Her mission succeeds, but for 60 years after the war she talks to no one about her heroic deeds.

“It is always possible to fight against injustice, even under the worst circumstances.” Marthe Cohn

AN UNUSUAL SPY tells in atmospheric and partly animated images Martha’s impressive life story and observes how she travels the world today with almost manic eagerness, with the loving support of her husband Major, to share her story with the young generation. Because she knows: She doesn’t have much time left. This Thursday, 17 September 2020 in German cinemas.

Trailer: Chichinette - The Accidental Spy
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