HoF Talk Rendezvous with Tini Tüllmann and Fabian Halbig

Livestream HoF Talk Rendezvous

On Saturday, 19 December 2020 at 7:00 pm it's HoF Talk Rendezvous time again. The artistic director of the Hof International Film Festival, Thorsten Schaumann, invites you to another Rendezvous Talk. This time, we'll talk with filmmaker Tini Tüllmann, who was presented with the Heinz Badewitz Award by Wim Wenders for her first feature length film FREDDY/EDDY at the Hof International Film Festival in 2016. Another guest will be producer, distributor, actor and musician of the band Killerpilze: Fabian Halbig. Last year, he and his colleague Florian Kamhuber were presented with the VGF's highest-endowed Young Producers' Prize in Hof for the production LIMBO.

It's going to be an exciting exchange and there will be music too. Let us surprise you! Get involved and join in the conversation:

HoF Talk  Rendezvous
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The HoF Talk Rendezvous is our new virtual, 45-minute talk format that takes place online in addition to the HoF Filmtage Rendezvous. Every two weeks, the artistic director of the Hof International Film Festival talks to guests about cinema, art and life around the festival. The central element here is interaction. Viewers can actively participate in the conversation via a chat function.