Two Awards for DARKDREAMERS at the exground youth days – Congratulations!


The premiere of DARKDREAMERS was at the 54th Hof International Film Festival. Now the youth jury of the International Youth Film Competition at the exground youth days has awarded the prize for the Best Feature Film to Philipp Klinger. The prize money of EUR 2,500 is donated by the state capital Wiesbaden.

"The film tells the story of Rebekka, who tries to come to terms with the suicide of her brother, who, despite his death, is always present in her everyday life. In her search for answers, she becomes involved with the person who is blamed by everyone for her brother's death. A story of loss, grief, anger, love and guilt. Thanks to believable characters and an oppressively dense atmosphere, the film is gripping until the very end. Through skillfully used close-ups, the viewer is inevitably confronted with the emotions of the characters. In the end, unexpected truths come to light. All in all: a masterful film experience."

The Youth Jury of the International Youth Film Competition

DARKDREAMERS was also the winner of the Audience Award for the Best Feature Film at the exground youth days. The director can look forward to another EUR 1,000 in prize money. We congratulate Philipp Klinger!