A gripping match ends 4:2 for FC Hofer Filmtage

HOF IFF soccer match FC Hofer Filmtage / FC Filmwelt

Chances on both sides

Following the kick-off by honorary guest Joachim Król, the final score was 4:2 in a gripping soccer match between FC Hofer Filmtage and FC Filmwelt. The victory was well-deserved: the Filmemacher, who were unprepared but still well-attuned to each other by their experienced coaching team, were in control for long stretches of the match but were unable to make enough of their superiority. The Filmweltler, traditionally dressed in white and red, thwarted chance after chance and caught the Filmemachers’ young offense offside three times in promising situations.

A set piece helped to make it 1-0, as David Wehr circled a corner straight at goal and Detlef Goller made his only mistake, fisting the ball into his own net. The Filmemacher had some more high-caliber chances and always looked threatening, but the final chance in the first half fell to the Filmwelt, with Klaus Knösel making himself as long as possible and managing to steer the ball past the crossbar. Knösel injured himself in this rescue operation and had to be replaced by Jo Bornmann - who, however, and this quickly became noticeable, was missed in the defense.

Defensive work à la Maldini against the “young wild” offensive

So, the second half began as the first had ended: with a slight but clear superiority and more chances for the Filmemacher, which were either wasted or thwarted by immensely strong positional play and experience on the part of the Filmweltler. And with a constant threat and breakthroughs by white-red, putting the Filmemachers’ now rearranged defense in trouble. The only problem was that the coach of the well-trained Filmwelt team had only three substitutes, while the Filmemacher had seven. The coaching team of Hof Film Festival then made a request to festival director Thorsten Schaumann to postpone a film premiere so that the director of that film could continue on the pitch. Schaumann, president of both clubs–so to speak–was happy to comply.

The Filmemacher continued to press forward and created several very promising situations until the 60th minute, the Filmwelt chasing after them for many minutes. But anyone thinking that the game was going their way was proved wrong: Basti Richter equalized out of nowhere. A quarter of an hour before the end of the game, it was Kevin Koch who, playing for the Filmemacher, slammed a third-row clearance from Savaş Ceviz under the crossbar. That was a wake-up call for Alexej Hermann, who finally outran the exhausted white-red defense with fine counter-attacking play and made it 3:1; shortly after that, Giova Berg broke through as well to make it 4:1. But again, the Filmemacher could not rest on their laurels; the Filmweltler forced the Filmemacher in behind, and it was Richter who scored the closing goal and made the outcome exciting again. In the end, the result was a deserved 4:2.

FC Hofer Filmtage:

1 Klaus Knösel, 2 Jo Bornemann, 3 Martin Kowalczyk, 18 Kevin Koch, 5 Jakob von Moers, 6 Savaş Ceviz, 7 Christoph Liedke, 8 David Preute, 9 Rüdiger Heinze, 11 Hannes Wegener, 12 David Wehr, 4 Ismail Zagros, 13 Giovanni Berg, 14 Hugo Santa Cruz, 15 Alexej Hermann, 17 Cengiz Akaygün, 21 Timo Jacobs, 23 Lennart Lenzing
Trainer: Stefan von Moers, co-trainer: Alfred Holighaus

FC Filmwelt:

1 Detlef Goller, 2 Werner Goller, 3 André Keilwerth, 4 Siegfried Rödel, 5 Fredy Goller, 6 Michael Voigt, 7 Jörg Heinrich, 8 Marko Schaller, 9 Christian Hintz, 10 Stereo Mutakidis, 11 Erkan Nas, 12 Basti Richter, 13 Gerhard Krippendorf, 14 Ulli Vollert
Trainer: Jürgen Taubald, co-trainer: Klaus Trossmann


Christian Szczepansky


1:0 David Wehr (25.), 1:1 Basti Richter (66.), 2:1 Kevin Koch (81.), 3:1 Alexej Hermann (83.), 4:1 Giova Berg (84.), 4:2 Basti Richter (87.)

What will make FC Filmwelt a danger for FC Hofer Filmtage next year:
  • The way that Rödel, Goller, Goller and Keilwerth made a defensive wall of concrete for the Filmwelt. The Bavarians simply cannot do that as well as those four.
  • The way that Goller in goal (yes, the third Goller in the team) caused the young Filmemacher strikers to despair, even when they had drilled through the concrete.
  • The way the legendary Ulli Vollert, behind the strikers, chipped balls into narrow corridors; it feels as if he has been doing this for fifty years, the joint age of the other team’s offensive in the second half.
  • The way that Mutakidis, Schaller and Richter built up pressure in midfield, although that was actually the Filmemachers’ plan.
What will make FC Hofer Filmtage a danger for FC Filmwelt next year:
  • How smoothly Savaş Ceviz cleared in the number 6 shirt, and built up play.
  • The finesse of some interplay between Heinze, Wehr and Preute.
  • The number of stepovers Alexej Hermann manages before ultimately scoring.
  • In general, the number of chances Akaygün, Koch, Berg and Wehr are able to create, though they may not always convert them.
  • How strongly the team plays from the back, although there was so little time for training with the management’s new signings only the day before kick-off.

Current state of play after 53 matches:

FC Filmwelt 20 victories, FC Hofer Filmtage 19 victories. The match has ended in a draw 14 times.