Hof Gold Prize 2021 goes to Lukas Röder and Alisa Kolosova

Award ceremony Hof Gold Prize 2021

This year, the Hof Gold Prize of the Friedrich Baur Foundation, awarded by the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in memoriam Heinz Badewitz was presented for the fourth time. It is one of the most highly endowed prizes for up-and-coming filmmakers to be offered in Germany. The prize is awarded to directors for their first full-length feature film produced in Germany and premiered in Hof.

Currently, the Hof Gold Prize is endowed with a value of approx. € 36,000 in certified gold, combined with a year of mentoring. This year, director, producer and head of the Film and Media Arts Department of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, Philip Gröning, has taken on the task of mentoring.

The Hof Gold Prize 2021 goes in equal parts to

director Lukas Röder for his film BRAIN TATTOO and
director Alisa Kolosova for her film CHARLY.

55. IHF – Clubgespräch mit Alisa Kolosova und Lukas Röder
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Club talk with Alisa Kolosova and Lukas Röder

"All this is so exciting because nothing actually happens. Very little is spoken, and yet I watch spellbound. Because it is real. And at the same time, I know that it is not real. This is the perfect description of the new reality. The cinema is a measuring device. The measurement takes place in the viewer. In this case, in me. I have rarely experienced more poignant figures in a narrative. They have stayed with me."

From the jury statement by Philip Gröning on BRAIN TATTOO

"How Charly, after the breakup of her key relationship, wanders through Germany as if in a dream, rebuilding and healing herself and her world view - that is one thing told here. But how this Germany, various people and situations, all of which have disappeared in the exploitation of the media, slowly become visible again in this film, that is the other issue. It's not something that's told. Instead, it's something that happens to the viewer. In the best sense of the word."

From the jury statement by Philip Gröning on CHARLY

Our sincere congratulations to both prize winners: we will be looking forward to their next films in HoF.