GRANIT - Hof Documentary Award to LUCHADORAS

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The GRANIT - Hof Documentary Award, donated by the Hermann and Bertl Müller Foundation, is awarded to the best documentary film and endowed with a sum of 7,500€. The jury members this year were Marcus Richardt, Cordula Kablitz-Post and Douglas Wolfsperger.

The GRANIT - Hof Documentary Award 2021 goes to
LUCHADORAS by Patrick Jasim and Paola Calvo.

55. IHF – GRANIT - Hofer Dokumentarfilmpreis 2021
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Award ceremony GRANIT Hof Documentary Award 2021

LUCHADORAS addresses what is arguably one of the most harrowing and extreme crimes of our time: the mass femicides on the Mexican-American border in Ciudad Juarez. Filmed in haunting, sometimes essayistic and also aesthetic images, Patrick Jasim and Paola Calvo tell the story of three Mexican lucha libre wrestlers who have experienced violence first-hand or are fighting for a better life and improved image of women. LUCHADORAS is a courageous film and a powerful sign of awakening for women in Mexican society.

In addition, a special commendation is given to the film SEASIDE SPECIAL by Jens Meurer.