A deep voice rings out:BAUMBACHER SYNDROME on Netflix!

HoF 2019: The team of the opening film BAUMBACHER SYNDROME

Our HoF 2019 opening film BAUMBACHER SYNDROME by Gregory Kirchhoff will be released on Netflix on Friday, 26 February 2021. We remember wonderful funny moments with great actors and guests like Tobias Moretti, Elit İşcan and Lenz Moretti as well as Karoline Schuch with her surprising cameo appearance.

Max Baumbacher is one of the hottest late night show hosts around. Yet he is ruthless in his dealings with his guests and tends to be overconfident. One morning Max wakes up with an unusually deep, almost magical voice. From then on, the hunter becomes the hunted. When he also meets the crazy Fida and his son shows up completely unexpectedly, his life threatens to come apart at the seams.

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There’s a thin line between tragedy and comedy – BAUMBACHER SYNDROME is a film for every (cinema) evening!