Cinema Dreams – Let’s go…


…to DARK DREAMERS by Philipp Klinger (German Premiere HoF 2020), which will be released in German cinemas on Thursday, 12 August 2021:

17-year-old Rebekka from a southern German village falls into a deep depression after her brother’s suicide. Only through the dead man’s best friend does she find a way to access her pain. But of all people, Rebekka's parents and the rest of the village have identified him as the culprit in her brother's death.

DARK DREAMERS is a coming-of-age drama with mystery elements, told in intoxicating images and sensitively acted. Definitely worth seeing (again) at the cinema.

Albträumer | Trailer (with English subtitles) | Artkeim²
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And if you still want to take the chance, you should definitely see Sabine Derflinger's documentary JOHANNA DOHNAL – VISIONARY OF FEMINISM (German premiere HoF 2019). It’s the portrait of an indomitable woman: Johanna Dohnal. Almost single-handedly, she advanced equal rights in Austria in the 1980s and 1990s and was the first Minister for Women's Affairs from 1990.

DIE DOHNAL - Trailer - ab 29. Juli im Kino
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“JOHANNA DOHNAL – VISIONARY OF FEMINISM shows how hard the path to greater justice can be, but how important it is to walk it stoically. That's the only way social change is possible. A very timely message." (Deutschlandfunk)