GRENZGEBIET in the Cinema


Matti Cordewinus’ film GRENZGEBIET (German premiere at the 53rd Hof International Film Festival) is finally in cinemas across Germany. It’s about graffiti, but mainly about the people who have dedicated themselves to this art: the trainwriters Alex, Henne and Ivan are on vacation in Eastern Europe. It soon becomes clear that the three friends are only focused on one thing: Where is the next train? How do we get to it unseen? How do we get away scot-free?

Together with his protagonists, the director goes in search of the next train. The result is a documentary that could be a feature film – or is it the other way around? With his wonderfully long takes, Matti Cordewinus creates an intensity that makes every viewer become part of this graffiti tour. Just the right thing for a visit to the cinema.

Grenzgebiet I Trailer (HD)
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GRENZGEBIET, Director Matti Cordewinus, with Alex Borrmann, Ivan Savage, MC Shacke One, Boris Iwanow, Dmitry Dmitrovic, Izzi Izvne & Jimi, Germany 2019, runtime 73 minutes