Let’s go to the cinema with MR. CINEMA


Finally, the time has come: We can go to the movies again. On Thursday, July 1st, cinemas open across Germany. Let's enjoy the familiar darkness, enjoy and soak up every point of light on the screen. Great stories on the big screen.

And one film fits the re-opening of the cinemas perfectly: Matthias Ditscherlein's MR. CINEMA, which celebrated its world premiere at the last Hof International of Film Festival, opens on July 1: The film accompanies Germany's longest-serving mobile projectionist in his 60th anniversary year. It tells of love and passion for what he does and what that passion does to a family. And about Helmut Göldner, the Superman, whose powers, in his opinion, never end and must never end, because after him, there is no one left.

“Everyone who loves the cinema will love this film!”


“Cinema first! If you miss the rattle of a cinema projector.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“This documentary itself becomes great cinema.”

KINOMANN / Official Trailer
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And that's where we all want to go again!