Samir's BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW in German cinemas

    HoF 2019: Director Samir and festival director Thorsten Schaumann

    Samir is a cinematic jack-of-all-trades with his work as a producer, writer, editor, cinematographer and actor. On Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021, his latest work as director BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW (53rd Hof International Film Festival/Retro/1988 first time with STUMMFILM in Hof) opens in German cinemas: Free spirits like to get together at the Abu Nawas café in London. They include a failed writer, a wife in hiding and a gay IT illegal worker. But when the writer's nephew, incited by the radical Islamist preacher of a backyard mosque, suddenly shows up at the café and starts a hate tirade against his uncle, a dramatic showdown ensues.

    "Using fiction to talk openly about everything that the protagonists don't want to talk about in my documentary films." (Samir) and wrapping it all up in suspense: BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW is just the right thing for a great evening at the movies.

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    BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW, 105 minutes, feature film, Switzerland/Germany 2019, directed by Samir, theatrical release 30 September 2021, distributed by » Arsenal