Appetite for Cinema with Johannes Suhm’s THE MAN WHO ATE THE WORLD


    Dinnertime Saturday night, 13 February 2021 and we are all hungry ... For cinema and a party. Let’s get started first: it’s 7:00 pm and we’re guaranteed to get really full with Johannes Suhm’s THE MAN WHO ATE THE WORLD at the online HoF Rendezvous screening at the virtual Central Kino:

    This man is a disaster: irresponsible, aggressive, greedy and narcissistic. He has abandoned his family, he keeps his sick brother at a distance, and his best friend is really just a cheap lender. And that his demented father moves in with him doesn't make the situation any better ...

    We talk to director, leading actor and producer Johannes Suhm, actor Hannes Hellmann as well as cinematographer and producer Tobias Kaufmann about their insightful portrait of a generation believed lost.

    And after the talk, the night owls can continue! All viewers who feel like it are invited to the digital private party talk afterwards.

    Our thanks go to our Rendezvous supporters: Central Kino-Hof, Rotary Club Hof and » Kino on Demand.

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    HoF Rendezvous online screening of THE MAN WHO ATE THE WORLD (an adaptation of the play of the same name) / feature film (Germany) / original version German / 80 minutes / Director: Johannes Suhm, followed by a film talk with Hannes Hellman (actor) and Tobias Kaufmann (cinematographer)

    Saturday, 13 February 2021 at 7:00 pm (film starts at 7:30 pm)


    How much:
    Donation ticket with a freely selectable amount. All proceeds go to the filmmakers.

    The entry link for the private party talk will be announced at the end of the film talk.

    Since 2017, the Hof International Film Festival has been organizing the HoF Rendezvous under the motto “let’s do it again” at the Central Kino in Hof and the Lodderbast in Hanover. These are screenings organized throughout the year as part of the Hof International Film Festival. The filmmakers also present their films in person. By doing this, we allow the festival to have further impact and increase the anticipation for the next festival edition. And at the same time, the filmmakers are promoted once again through our communication channels.

    The HoF Rendezvous currently takes place live and online in the virtual Central Kino with audience chats and with the support of the Rotary Club Hof and Kino on Demand.