100 years of light tone

Hans Vogt

September 17, 2022 was a very special day: Exactly 100 years ago, the "first" German sound film DER BRANDSTIFTER was presented to around 1000 spectators in the Alhambra cinema on Berlin's Kurfürstendamm. Although the sound in the film already existed before, the revolution was for the first time a synchronous reproduction of image and sound, made possible by the light sound method. This groundbreaking innovation has its roots very close to Hof, in Wurlitz, a part of Rehau and is still in use today.

Born in Wulitz, Hans Vogt was a brilliant inventor. Together with his colleagues Joseph Massolle and Joseph Benedict Engl, he realized this idea, which is also known as the Tri-Ergon process.

100 years of sound film! This is a big anniversary, which is celebrated in honor of Vogt, who was originally supposed to be a blacksmith. The city of Rehau and the company of the same name have put together a program for this purpose. In addition to an exhibition at REHAU Art, the mayor Michael Abraham himself leads through the Hans-Vogt Museum as well as other places of activity of the visionary. And on Wednesday, 26.10.2022, we can be curious to see who this year's winner of the Hans Vogt Film Prize, endowed with € 5,000 (donated by the city of Rehau), will be. The innovative and qualitative use of sound in the complete work will be honored for the tenth time this year.Many thanks to the city of Rehau for this great support!