56th Hof International Film Festival: Special Screenings

    56th Hof International Film Festival: Special Screenings

    Matters of the heart represent something special that absolutely must be shared. That‘s what we do with our Special Screenings:

    There‘s a focus on Ukraine, damaged by Putin‘s war of aggression, with the short film INTO THE DARKNESS by Ukrainian director Mariia Shevchenko. Filmmaker Philip Gröning leads a conversation afterwards.

    SERVUS BABY by Natalie Spinell enters its 3rd season. A wonderful series experience, taken directly from life, unique on the big screen.

    The opera musical ORPHEA IN LOVE already convinced the audience at the Bavarian State Opera. The director Axel Ranisch is back, a guarantor for extraordinary festival moments.

    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of sound motion picture and 10th anniversary of the Hans Vogt Award, we will once again show the film WURLITZER OR INVENTING PRESENT TIME (HoF 1985) by Antje Starost and Hans Helmut Grotjahn.

    On Thursday evening, a surprise film will be screened at 10:15 p.m. at Kino Central 5. We will publish the film title about two hours before, as soon as the German Cinema New Talent Award and the Award of the City of Hof have been presented.