The Pharos Shiver Screen Award 2022 goes to BI ROYA / WITHOUT HER by Arian Vazirdaftari

    The PHAROS SHIVER SCREEN AWARD, presented for the first time at the Hof International Film Festival, goes to the Iranian director

    Arian Vazirdaftari for his film BI ROYA – WITHOUT HER

    Arian Vazirdaftari was born in Tehran in 1988; he studied industrial design and subsequently directing at Tehran Film School, and received his Master's Degree from Tehran University of Dramatic Arts. He works as a writer, director and producer. After several short films, including the highly acclaimed NOT YET (2016) and LIKE A GOOD KID: MESLE BACHE ADAM (2018), BI ROYA is his first feature-length film, which was immediately invited to the Orizzonti Extra section in Venice.

    Jury Statement

    "In his first feature film, the director masterfully combines elements of the psychological thriller and the dark drama into a dense web of suspense and emotion. In this way, he not only sends shivers down our spines, but also evokes frightening goose bumps that you can't shake off even after leaving the cinema."

    "Through skilful play with reality and illusion, an atmospheric tension develops right from the start. The main character Roya stands up for her principles, but she is soon forced to realize that her individual freedom of choice is no more than an illusion.

    And although she seems to have lost everything in the end, there remains a glimmer of hope that she will not lose herself. Her struggle for identity and her powerlessness also subtly reflect the social situation - which has made the film even more explosive in recent weeks.

    We keenly anticipate the director's next works. Congratulations, Arian Vaziradaftari on this film and on the Pharos Shriver Screen Award 2022!"

    Jury members

    Anna Roller (director), Katharina Schöde (author) and Moritz Hemminger (The Playmaker Munich)

    The PHAROS SHIVER SCREEN AWARD will be presented to a film from the genres of thriller, horror, action, science fiction, etc. and is endowed with 2,500 euros. The award is international in scope and can be for a short or first or second feature-length film. The prize is supplemented by mentoring and an option for world distribution through The Playmaker Munich, a first look deal for world distribution of the director’s next feature film project, as well as co-production by Media Services unit and networking with potential distributors.