Award of the City of Hof for Aelrun Goette

    Aelrun Goette - Winner of the Award of the City of Hof 2022

    The Award of the City of Hof 2022 goes to the director

    Aelrun Goette

    Aelrun Goette was born on 6 July 1966 in East Berlin and works as a director of documentary and feature films. She studied directing at the HFF Konrad Wolf, Babelsberg and philosophy at the Humboldt University Berlin. Her films DIE KINDER SIND TOT (2003), UNTER DEM EIS (2005) and WOFÜR ES SICH ZU LEBEN LOHNT (2016) were screened at the International Hof Film Festival. On the evening of the award ceremony, she presented her recent feature film IN A LAND THAT NO LONGER EXISTS (theatrical release 6 October 2022) as a special screening.

    "We know Aelrun Goette as a person who is interested in people. One embarks with her on a »journey to the center of honesty«. Goette is an always searching person, who devotes herself with great enthusiasm to the young film generation."

    From the laudatory by Paula Knüping and Max Hegewald
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    Festsaal at Freiheitshalle Hof: The German Cinema New Talent Award and the Award of the City of Hof are traditionally presented at a joint event.

    The Award of the City of Hof was first presented in 1986. The prize itself is an object from the Porcelain Academy in the city of Selb and is dedicated to persons closely connected to Hof and the festival.