German Cinema New Talent Award goes to OLAF JAGGER

    German Cinema New Talent Award 2022

    The German Cinema New Talent Award 2022 goes to the opening film of the 56th Hof International Film Festival:

    OLAF JAGGER by Heike Fink

    Director Heike Fink's documentary film starts as a detective search and later becomes a journey full of absurd situations. And OLAF JAGGER retells parts of GDR history with a big wink...

    Jury statement

    "We viewed an exciting journey from car crashes to rebellious young women to vampires. What convinced us most was a surprising, funny mockumentary. The German Cinema New Talent Award goes to the film OLAF JAGGER by Heike Fink.

    Based on an ingenious idea, the film plays with the question, what would happen if my father were rich and famous and Mick Jagger? Olaf Schubert skillfully carries this film through the ups and downs of the search for one's own identity. OLAF JAGGER plays with the viewer, sets us on false trails in an amusing way, leaves us in the dark and yet always remains exciting."

    "Films like this need the audience, and the audience needs films like this."

    Jury members

    Bettina Brokemper (producer), Emma Barding (actress and director), Felix Tissi (author und director)

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    Festsaal at Freiheitshalle Hof: The German Cinema New Talent Award and the Award of the City of Hof are traditionally presented at a joint event.

    The German Cinema New Talent Award for Best Film is endowed with 10,000 euros and awarded by Bavaria Film, Bayerischer Rundfunk and the DZ Bank. The prize is awarded to filmmakers for their first, second or third German-produced feature film with a minimum length of 79 minutes which premieres in the program of the Hof International Film Festival.