Digital Release of Tini Tüllmann‘s FREDDY/EDDY on Netflix

HoF 2016: The Team of FREDDY/EDDY
Wim Wenders überreicht den ersten Heinz-Badewitz-Preis an die Regisseurin Tini Tüllmann. Ausgezeichnet wird die Jungfilmerin für FREDDY EDDY. Foto: Hendrik Ertel

From the hands of Wim Wenders, filmmaker Tini Tüllmann received the first Heinz Badewitz Award (50th Hof International Film Festival) for FREDDY/EDDY. The world premiere in Hof was followed by further awards at festivals worldwide and a theatrical release on her own initiative. Now all FREDDY/EDDY fans and those who want to become one can look forward to the launch of the thriller on Netflix on Thursday, 30 March 2022.

In Freddy's worst crisis, Eddy, his imaginary friend from childhood, suddenly reappears. Not only does he look exactly like Freddy, but since his reappearance all sorts of terrible things have been happening. But how can you prove that there is someone you actually just made up? It’s good that there are friends... FREDDY/EDDY is gripping from the first to the last second.

FREDDY/EDDY - OFFICIAL TRAILER with english subtitles
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Feature film, Germany 2016, 118 minutes, German OV, Age rating 12, Cast: Felix Schäfer, Jessica Schwarz, Greta Bohacek, Director: Tini Tüllmann, Digital release on 30 March 2022, Platform: Netflix