PSST… by Roland Reber as a multimedia book

    psst... by Roland Reber as a multi-media book

    Roland Reber’s last and probably most personal work has now been published as a multimedia book. PSST... GEDICHTE. GEDANKEN. GESCHICHTEN is an extraordinary reading, seeing and listening eperience, a wild ride with texts, audio and videos. The book is again a true indie in-house production. With biographical introductions by Mira Gittner and Antje Nikola Mönning, with many photos and original manuscripts.

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    PSST... this is the very personal collection of partly still unpublished texts and poems by Roland Reber, the "gifted poet" (Gordon Weaver, Academy, Hollywood) and "lustful agent provocateur" (SZ). They are about love and the eternal search for it, about home, happiness, loss and small revolutions, but also about tranquilizers and dreams and the hope for a world in which the boundaries of social and cultural barriers in our heads can be overcome. (blurb)

    Enfant terrible, provocateur, sexist, porn director and much more: Roland Reber was a provocateur in the best sense. But in everything he did, he was concerned with equal rights and sexual freedom for all genders. He was the one who held a mirror up to the double standards of society with its taboos. And in doing so, Reber never forgot a cheeky wink of the eye.

    In 2005 Roland Reber and his collective were guests at the 39th Hof International Film Festival for the first time and showed 24/7 THE PASSION OF LIFE. The 56th Hof International Film Festival dedicated a tribute to the rebel and his team, who passed away this year, and presented six films in a long-standing association.