We mourn the death of Ruth Bickelhaupt

HoF 2017: Director Axel Ranisch and actress Ruth Bickelhaupt of the film WALDLUST

We mourn the passing of actress Ruth Bickelhaupt. She was Alex Ranisch’s “discovery”, starting her very own film career with her grandson at the age of 80. Again and again she enchanted us in Hof. It all started with Ranisch’s DICKE MÄDCHEN, which became an audience favorite at the 45th Hof International Film Festival in 2011, and of course most recently in 2017 with WALDLUST.

“You laughed and danced and when I looked into your eyes in the morning, the sun would come up.”

Axel Ranisch

We will never forget the “Grand Dame of Hearts”. Rest in peace, dear Ruth!