Rest in Peace Wolfgang Petersen

Wolfgang Petersen, Photo: S Pakhrin from DC, USA

Wolfang Petersen passed away on Friday, 12 August 2022. Even as a child, North America was his profound desire, and as an adult he was right there at the center of his great longing: Hollywood.

Wolfgang Petersen was in Hof at the beginning of his career with THE CONSEQUENCE. Premiering at the 11th Hof International Film Festival in 1977, its portrayal of a gay relationship caused such controversy that Bavarian television refused to broadcast the film (starring Jürgen Prochnow, among others). Petersen later achieved worldwide fame with his classic DAS BOOT.

And in Munich, there's hardly a child who hasn't flown endlessly through the clouds on Falkor the lucky dragon on the Bavaria Film Tour, using the most modern film technology of the time. Rest in Peace Wolfgang.

Photo: S Pakhrin from DC, USA