JACK & JUNE Power Gang Creatively on the Move

HoF 2020: The team of JACK & JUNE

With the short film JACK & JUNE, Rilana Nitsch, Tim Olcay and Paul Hilgedieck, jointly responsible for writing, directing, producing and acting, conquered our hearts at the 54th Hof International Film Festival. The three-person power gang is constantly on the move creatively. Tim Olcay, for example, is currently (alternately) on stage in the OPERETTE FÜR ZWEI SCHWULE TENÖRE at the BKA Theater in Berlin. The Berliner Morgenpost finds "The operetta is becoming diverse. It's about time!".

Statements zur Premiere der Operette für zwei schwule Tenöre
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Tobi, a graphic designer, and Jan, a nurse, have built a life together in the country: Their own little house with a garden complete with fruit trees, homemade jam for breakfast and friendly greeting neighbors. The two met at the annual shooting match and fell in love after Tobi turned his back on Berlin and the gay scene there to live his dream of an idyllic life in the country. But while Tobi idealizes the village, Jan, who had never left his home, can hardly stand it there...

Yet it is a play that gives a new perspective to themes of our time with the help of a 100-year-old genre. 16 weepie waltzes and operetta hits like "Champagne from Aldi" or "When will we go to Ikea again?" are rousing in the style of the "Golden Operetta".