MARTHA A PICTURE STORY at the Memur Urban Art Festival


The legendary photographer Martha Cooper is a guest at the Memur Urban Art Festival. Together with Nika Kramer she is giving a lecture on HIPHOP, GRAFFITI, STREETART and has an exhibition. She will also be screening the film MARTHA: A PICTURE STORY by Selina Miles. The film had its German premiere in Hof in 2019.

Martha: A Picture Story (2019) Official Trailer
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In 1970s New York, Martha Cooper captured some of the first very vivid images of graffiti that appeared on subway cars in the city at the time. Decades later, Martha realizes that she has unexpectedly become an icon in the world of street art. Her visionary photographs have helped spread graffiti around the world. Now, at age 75, Martha must find her way in this changing culture. The small community born of struggle and adversity has evolved into a commercial industry driven by the increasing influence of social media.